EGO Gallery
Michal Černušák
Eva Činčalová
Eszter Csurka
Michal Czinege
Matej Fabian
Ašot Haas
Milan Houser
Andrea Kopecká
Patrícia Koyšová
Andrej Margoč
Barbora Maštrlová
Kristína R. Mésároš
Boris Sirka
Adam Šakový
Jakub Trajter
Vlasta Žáková

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EGO Gallery

The concept of our gallery is reflected in its name EGO. It promotes the work of significant personalities on the contemporary art scene with a strong artistic ego. The focus of our dramaturge is on known young and middle-aged artists who are established as a brand of artistic quality with works that rival renowned art around the world.

We aim to deliver an exceptional caliber of contemporary art to art lovers, and to be a guarantee of good financial investment for the future. In the complexity and diversity of today's art world we provide expert advice, specialized and tailored services, and represent the interests of our clients in their collecting, investment, and philanthropic goals.